Live NZ Abalone - Blackfoot Paua.

Live NZ Abalone, or Blackfoot Paua as we know it in New Zealand, are harvested sustainably to strictly regulated quota limits. 

A sensational tasting and tender abalone. World class and suitable for sashimi or cooking. If cooked, fast-fried or poached are both great options.

Ikana’s Paua are hand graded to size and packed in pairs to our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) with a 7 days alive assurance for added convenience.

Alive = Best Taste!

Antonia's Paua


  • Combine the Oyster Sauce, ginger and sesame oil mix through seafood and leave for 10mins.
  • Add sliced spring onions when ready to cook.
  • Heat oil on a hot barbecue plate or a heavy pan and cook the mushrooms then cook the seafood over the high heat (Paua only need 2 mins to cook!)
  • Serve on a bed of rice or noodles
  • You can add sliced red peppers, courgettes and spring onions to the stir-fry and serve.