Live Greenshell Mussels and more...

The best shellfish you’ll ever taste delivered to you alive, anywhere in the world... and nothing tastes fresher than alive!

Ikana NZ is New Zealand's premier exporter of live shellfish, including;

  • NZ Greenshell Mussel - the largest and meatiest in the world, rope cultured and unique to New Zealand.
  • NZ Abalone - our Blackfoot Paua is wild-catch, beat this for sweet taste and tenderness, unique to New Zealand.
  • NZ Flat Oyster - this Tio Point rope-cultured Belon-style Oyster is unrivalled for taste, texture, and meat:shell ratio. Also available is the same species but wild-catch, the world famous Bluff oyster.
  • NZ Littleneck Clam - we call them cockles here in NZ, these are wild catch and wet shelved to remove sand and grit for consistent quality. Sweet caramel notes and creamy texture...perfect for your pasta. 
  • NZ Geoduck - Wild catch and wet shelved to remove sand and grit for consistent quality, native to New Zealand with a discernable pleasant crunch to the texture and a sumptious flavour, ideal for Sashimi. 

Our supply partners are very reputable NZ growers, supplying best quality.

We package carefully to our innovative MAP packs that are leak-proof and retail-ready. These packs provide an extended shelf-life which via airfreight allows all market channels to supply their consumers with super-fresh, healthy New Zealand shellfish wherever you are!

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